Wholesalers play a vital role in moving products from production to the retail markets. Plastics aid in the facilitation of the wholesale process. Applications include mechanical applications, such as conveyor belt rollers, bushings and plates, graphical applications such as signage, and see-through applications such as product displays.

Advantages of plastics

The advantages of plastics in the Wholesalers industry are numerous. Plastics are much lighter than metal, which equate into better fuel economy and cheaper to manufacture parts. Additionally, the lighter weight aids in safer material handling. Plastics can be designed to be impact and dent resistant, and modified for improved strength. Corrosion resistance, color and texture flexibility, the economical components and aesthetics are other advantages of plastics.

Materials Utilized Within Industry

Materials used in the Wholesale industry are vast, used for structural as well as graphic and see-through applications. Materials include ABS, Styrene, Polycarbonate, Foam boards, PETG, PVC, Fluted Poly-pro and others.